Ways Yoga Can Make You a Better Athlete

Besides being professional athletes, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Floyd Mayweather, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Lewis all have one common denominator—yoga!

Nowadays, many coaches incorporate yoga classes into their team’s training regimen in the effort to boost the players performances.

Yoga’s integration into most of today’s athletic training is not exactly surprising as it has been hailed highly effective when it comes to enhancing strength, balance, and flexibility.

Not only that, it has also been know highly effective when it comes to significantly improving the ligaments, tendons, joints, and the bones.

Combined with meditation, yoga remains unparalleled in terms of boosting focus.

That’s amplifying their team’s chances of winning while helping minimize the risk for game-related injuries!

Still not convinced?

Below are other ways yoga can help enhance your athletic performance and make you a better athlete:

It helps improve upper body strength.

Even if you do crunches all day, you will not be able to achieve the level of upper body fitness you are looking for if you won’t be able to work on your rhomboids.

That being said, working on strengthening the rhomboids should be a top priority.

But how do you get the muscles to work together?

Through yoga!

Yoga works by helping you intelligently utilize your muscles so you can improve your overall upper body strength.

In addition, yoga can help strengthen and improve muscles you rarely use.

Walking into a yoga class, you might think the session would be a breeze, only realizing on your way out how much practice your muscles can still use.

Fortunately, as you attend regular yoga classes, you will eventually achieve the muscle strength you are looking for.

This muscle strength you can achieve through yoga can provide you with an incredible advantage when on the field.

You will be unstoppable when your muscles work together accordingly!

It helps strengthen the ankles.

While strengthening the ankles might seem like a trivial thing, try spraining one or both and you’ll realize how important keeping them strong is.

If you are an athlete looking to strengthen your weak arches and ankles, you’d be delighted to know the tree pose can help you achieve said objectives.

The tree pose will not only help keep your ankles strong, it can also help you become quicker on your feet and more less prone to injury.

In addition, the tree pose can also help you maintain balance both on and off the playing fields.

Now, those are exceptional benefits you can’t afford to miss out on for a very simple yoga pose!

It helps improve your flexibility.

If you perform stretches, it’s tempting to believe you are already flexible.

However, you’d be surprised to know the number of athletes who cannot touch their toes, thanks to hamstrings that are super tight.

Others on the other hand cannot grasp their hands behind their back because of extra tight shoulders and biceps.

While it’s okay if you can’t touch your toes or do other things only the flexible are able to pull off, you will not also be doing much in terms of improving your winning edge.

Bottom line, never underestimate what flexibility can help you accomplish, especially as an athlete!

Thankfully, yoga will not only help you play better, it will also help you dramatically increase your flexibility and motion range while helping keep sports-related injuries at bay.

It helps improve joint health.

Let’s get one fact straight—training is hard.

It can cause stress to your body even if it is designed to build endurance and strength.

With yoga however, you can achieve the same objectives without compromising the health and safety of your joints.


Because it is low impact!

When you do yoga, you will be doing combinations that will improve the range of motion while creating strength at the same time.

Regardless if you box, run, play basketball, football, tennis, etc., it will do you a whole world of good to integrate yoga in your training regimen.

Not only will it help minimize injuries, it will also help you prepare both mentally and physically, giving you a winning edge at all times!




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