The Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide to Power Yoga

If you are looking for a yoga style that is more fitness inspired, you can never go wrong with Power yoga.

While continuously gaining popularity because of its fresh, contemporary, and challenging approach, there is more to Power yoga than meets the eye.

Discover the basics of this new and exciting style of yoga in this article.

Power Yoga in a Nutshell

Preferred by most fitness fanatics, Power yoga is an aerobic style of yoga that involves performing a sequence of postures in a fast-paced manner.

This type of yoga is designed to provide body flexibility, strength, and stamina.

A variant of Ashtanga yoga, it works by building heat in the body as you quickly move through Vinyasa sequences.

Unlike Ashtanga however, Power yoga does not have a set flow of postures so you can expect each class to vary.

Considered an intense cardio workout, Power yoga often sessions often start with sun salutations in order to build up body heat.

Emphasis is also placed on postured that will not only build strength but will also get the heart racing.

Brief History of Power Yoga

First introduced in the mid-1990s by Beryl Bender Birch, Power yoga is a more modern approach to the conventional and dynamic Ashtanga yoga practice.

This contemporary approach foregoes the typical set sequence thereby allowing practitioners more freedom.

Other variants of Power yoga established lately include Larry Shultz’s Rocket yoga and Baron Baptiste’s Power Vinyasa.

The Peerless Benefits of Power Yoga

  • Improved endurance and strength

Having strong muscles has so much more to offer than just aesthetics.

If truth be told, strong muscles will not only help keep injuries at bay (during exercise or when performing day-to-day tasks) but it will also greatly enhance cardiac function.

Some studies indicate that because of the general body endurance and muscular strength Power yoga practitioners develop, they are able to maintain an optimum level of fitness.

  • Enhanced pulmonary function

While not everyone may be aware of it, improved lung function can have profound health benefits.

When more oxygen gets around your body, you will not only minimize the risk of disease, you will also enjoy having more energy.

A study conducted to check for the physiological benefits of performing fast-paced sun salutations reported endurance, strength, improved pulmonary function, and resting cardiovascular parameters.

  • Noticeable increase in flexibility

Let us crush a common misconception—yoga is not exclusive for those individuals who are exceptionally flexible.

On the contrary, if you want to enhance your body’s flexibility, yoga can help you effectively achieve said objective.

Since yoga requires you to use and stretch muscles (even the ones that are rarely used), you will end up gradually developing body flexibility.

Flexibility will not only help lubricate the joints, it can also help decrease one’s risk for injuries.

  • Elevates the mood significantly

An elevated mood as well as a deeper state of relaxation are just two of the benefits often linked to the yoga practice.

Breath focus often creates a moving meditation and helps you achieve a quieter mind.

Numerous studies have been conducted to test the effects yoga has on the mind and the results have been nothing less of staggering.

In fact, one study associated the yoga practice with an increase in the brain’s GABA levels, resulting in depression and anxiety decrease.

  • Increased physical fitness

Since it is a form of aerobic yoga, it does not come as a surprise that it can help achieve much in terms of fitness.

The challenging postures as well as the fast face of the Power yoga will not only dramatically improve your overall fitness level, it also helps dramatically enhance cardiorespiratory efficiency.

In addition, while Power yoga is considered physically demanding, it is still a low-impact workout.

In other words, it can effectively help shape and tone the body without compromising the health of the joints.


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